Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pipe dream

I'm prone to day dreaming. i don't need a place or permission. I can be happily sitting in the crowd and then suddenly zone out. My mind is home to 3D motion pictures . If Spielberg ever got to know my mind he'd probably never have to scout for scripts ever again ! That's how 'productive'  is my mind. No sir not just the day but even my dreams run into panoramas.That's why i prefer lots of food for thought which is uncomplicated, doesn't tax my little brain too much ,is full of romantic ideas and yes i get swayed into dizzying heights by idealism.

I'm a thriller happy person. Not for me the gigantic 'save the world kind' thriller but the average daisy[or is it pansy ?] like Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes,Mary Higgins Clark.Not too much gore and a solemn murder in  pretty English countryside is what makes my day !

Just the other day i sat amongst relatively unknown relatives ! I'm an average conversationalist - usually it stops at 'how do you do' with unknown people however the movie in my head pretty much makes up for actual conversation and its much more pleasant.I had just finished reading an Agatha Christie where 2 people were murdered - one was pushed off a cliff and the other was poisoned.How convenient ! Most people in Christie's novels are bumped off either by choral,arsenic,morphia.
So i had a lot of information to imagine  and make movies about.

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