Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Myths about skincare

I've reproduced this article from here. Since there is constant bombarding of fanciful advertising - i think there should be more such articles.

1.Regular steaming is very good for the skin.
Steaming of the skin especially face is good to a certain extent as it opens up the blocked pores and facilitates easy removal of blackheads . But using it on a regular basis can cause large open pores. It is advisable to use it once a week for just 1-2 minutes.

2. Oily and fatty foods / chocolate, can increase or cause pimples.
Dietary factors are not involved at all in causing acne and food restrictions are unnecessary. Of course a healthy diet with lots of fresh green vegetables, fruits and plenty of water (8-10 glasses a day) generally helps one achieve a clear glowing skin.

3. Oil massage before a bath gives a glowing skin.
Any type of massage improves circulation and is good. But the best results of oil application are obtained if applied soon after a bath, when the skin is moist and well hydrated. Oil applied after a bath helps retain the moisture within the skin.

4. Soaps and shampoos which produce more lather are better cleansers.
Lather production is dependent on the addition of foam boosters to soaps and shampoos while cleansing to related to their detergent content. Hence the amount of lather produced is not proportional to the cleansing activity of either soaps, shampoos or bubble baths.

5. Household cosmetics are harmless.
Not all household cosmetics are good. Turmeric of course has its benefits on the skin, by reducing hair growth and acting as an antiseptic. But many of the household cosmetics sensitize or irritate the skin and many of them can cause comedones. Should be used with care.

6. Cleansing milks, facial packs and facials are more effective ways to clean the deep pore Soaps are equally effective for deep pore cleaning and the above offer no added advantage.

7. Regular use of pumice stone and various scrubbers clean the skin better Pumice stone or scrubbers of any type only dry the skin taking away the natural oil content of the skin. In fact years after using these products one can develop blackish pigmentation on the arms and legs . Cleaning the skin with hands along with a soap on a daily basis is good enough to keep skin healthy and clean.

8. Medicated soaps are better than ordinary ones.
Skin has certain organisms which normally live in the skin. They fight the bad organisms which invade the skin and acts as a defence system. Medicated soaps remove the ‘good samaritans’ and thereby destroy these beneficial flora. Medicated soaps also produce dryness and are not recommended except for certain recurrent skin infections/acne.

9. Application of Kajal improves eyesight and growth of eyelashes.
Kajal is used entirely for cosmetic reasons and does not help eyesight or growth of eyelashes in any way. On the contrary some cheap brands can cause conjunctivitis and eye allergies.

10. Suntan helps clear acne.
It may temporarily mask the acne, but continued exposure to sunlight may cause irritation and premature ageing in the form of wrinkles and fine lines. There is no scientific link between sun and acne prevention. So always protect your skin with a sunscreen of SPF (sun protection factor ) of at least 15. And remember to get one that is non comedogenic (one that will not clog the pores on your skin)

11.  Cucumber has a special ingredient that decreases bags under eyes.
A cool cucumber may relax the eyes no doubt, but it has no special ingredient. It’s the cool temperature of the water content of the cucumber that brings down the swelling. Cold helps constricts the vessels and brings down the redness.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

I've a grudge against 'natural' products

The word 'natural' as we know is the most abused word in cosmetic industry. There was once upon a time in India where we had Ponds cold cream, Afghan snow that women happily slathered without bothering what went inside. Then came Lakme with their moisturizer and winter care lotion - all in liquid form.

Now , its natural here and organic there and between chemical to natural there are umpteen confusing ingredients  on the bottle.

There is a whole lot of spoilt companies who are fooling people with this word natural. To me  besan + milk is natural and not that bottled ,stable at room temperature for days on end cleanser. Reetha +shikakai when boiled and strained make a dark brown concoction while there are so many bottles of shampoo  which are clear almost white labelled as shikakai - reetha shampoo. How does that become natural?

The only thing i like about Khadi is soaps and well the khadi cloth ! The shampoos contain SLES  and CAB which renders it unnatural in all the technical sense of the word.
And let me not even begin describing Lush !

How do they justify high prices on the basis of natural and organic , beats me ?

People kindly be informed - don't buy so called natural products because of their self blown trumpets - buy them if at all based on same parameters as the  heathen 'unnatural' products. Rest assured , you are paying as much for luxury on these products as say- mainstream product lines like L'oreal or even Lakme.
Yep ..the sad truth is all those lavenders ,citruses and kiwis are only 'motivational' ingredients in the form they are used in the formulation .Most of them are only fragrances and that too strong fragrances that actually does no good to the skin and may even cause allergy breakouts on sensitive skins.

Yes there are natural products which work  like honey, milk, turmeric, neem however it ALL depends on the way they are used and their stability depends on freshness. So mixing that honey with few lemon drops and washing of the face will help in its straight undiluted form but its not really helpful when in the bottle and often they are only 'motivational' ingredients.To sell !

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


"The opposite of love is not hate its indifference'.
As far as I recollect ,the first time i heard this saying was on Oprah Winfrey show years ago.At first it did not make sense - hate is such a maligned word.
But people who have experienced indifference will immediately nod their heads in agreement to above saying.I think hatred and the person who hates you can be disregarded, ignored but how do you ignore someone who is indifferent to you ?
The only way you'll eventually try to rule out  that indifference is by being indifferent yourself.

Monday, 7 February 2011

50 random things about me

I saw this post on fellow blogger's space and she did a real good job and i wanted to do one too .
So here i go: 50 random things about myself.
  1. I learnt sewing dresses and salwar kameez ,kurtas and curtains, pillow covers only 3 years ago.And strangely  i'm quite good at it.
  2. I love miserable,pining, aching  love stories. Especially when the protagonist is a male who preferably dies for love .Therefore i think 'A tale of two cities' by Charles Dickens and 'Jude the Obscure' by Thomas Hardy are the best love stories.
  3. I talk about books i like -impromptu.To anybody who will listen.And i can go on and on !
  4. I get uncomfortable when people praise me. Nowadays, i don't understand if the person is really praising me or just following some vague rule of etiquettes ! 
  5. I love pasta,dabba gosht and chinagrass pudding.
  6. I love only my mom's biryani. And i haven't eaten one since she fell sick and will never eat since she died 2 months ago. I can't eat biryani now at all because it makes me miserable.
  7. I can ride only a bicycle- not a bike or car because i'm shit scared of Pune traffic
  8. I'm cynical
  9. I don't give gifts but only money simply because its too confusing and secondly because in my mind's eye i can see the person i'm gifting talking about how bad the gift was !
  10. I like flowers even a bunch of daisies can perk me up and make me happy happy !
  11. I think the most romantic thing anyone could do for me is - if i fell sick [ God forbid- since i'm horrendous freak when i'm sick] he could care for me ,take care of my food and medicines and Be there.
  12. 1 haven't seen a single movie in theatre since last 8 years and i have lost interest in doing it too.
  13. I'm honest -sometimes too much.
  14. I'm shy....even if i'm perkiest,loudest etc !
  15. I love dancing but wouldn't be able to if my life depended on it !
  16. I have a bad temper.
  17. I eat sweets  and a lot of it only when i'm depressed.And that's quite often since a long time in my life.
  18. I cry easily - yup  movies, books and other people's tales of sorrow.
  19. I'm quite gullible and have only acquired good sense recently {doubtful !]
  20. I 'm a lipstick fiend. And now , everybody knows it !
  21. I'm a stickler for loyalty and quite easily break relationships if i feel betrayed.
  22. I don't express love verbally ... never have.Yup, i could write paens ,send email, in a card but can't express with my voice face to face.
  23. I'm misunderstood all the time.
  24. I  will wear out most of my clothes till i can. I acquired  this from childhood days because my mom used to stitch me and my sisters clothes uptill  last 5 years.I think its criminal to waste.
  25. I embroider my ridas with my 2 hands.[ a kind of burqa].Everything from tracing to beading and then mom used to stitch it up.
  26. I think that Internet is the greatest thing about this century ..i doubt if anything could beat what Internet has done to businesses,relationships and fraandships !
  27. I'm klutzy. I fall trip and hurt myself probably a thousand times in a day .Its a miracle that i'm still alive.
  28. Yup....in addition i've never suffered a fracture yet.
  29. I laugh loudly.
  30. I think Calvin and Hobbes is the Greatest comic strip ever !
  31. I make mean pastas, pizzas and idlis !
  32. I don't exercise but i'm everready to walk. I'll probably walk even if i'm a little sick.
  33. I hate to be overcharged and cheated and fret,fret fret till eternity.
  34. I nag people i love.
  35. I love going for a drive. i think sitting on a good sturdy bike and going for a drive with a guy is extremely romantic and extremely fun in case its done with friends.
  36. I am  rude and sometimes unknowingly and unintentionally.
  37. I get turned on by generous and extremely large hearted and wise guy- a really practical and wise {genuine wisdom only !] person !
  38. I love love Les Miserables, Pride and Prejudice,Anton Chekhov's story 'Grief".
  39. In my second life i want to be a lookalike of Audrey Hepburn.
  40. I get up late in the mornings although i sleep early at night since i'm a light and poor sleeper.
  41. I hate action bloody super hero kind of movies and don't watch horror because .....yes i get scared ! Only exception are Alfred Hitchcock's masterful creations.
  42. I've climbed Sinhagad tekdi  3 times in my life .I want to climb all mountains in the world however i doubt that'll happen !
  43. I think eating out is justifiable only under following circumstances: a] no food at home/don't want to cook b] romantic date c] staying away from home.
  44. I'm not ambitious nor street smart.
  45. I love icecreams 
  46. I love chocolate anything !
  47. Lately,I watch TV A LOT! Too many shows which are crap !
  48. I love my independence and hate it when people demand to know each and every minute detail of my whereabouts.
  49. I can wander alone in the markets...actually its more out of necessity than want these days :(
  50. I don't have girly girly friends :(
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