Monday, 8 September 2014

Syndet bars

There is a lot of crap floating around as information !That too zealously !
There are advocates who can't differentiate between good chemicals,better and worst ones !
Like SLES ,Syndet bars seem to be getting a bad rap !
Why have I switched to bodywashes and Syndet soaps ?
Simple,they are mildest !Syndet bars like Dove , Olay and Fiama gel bars ,...yes in that order are mildest,can be used on face  and in climate like ours in India doesn't requires moisturising every time !
I am one of those people who don't moisturise regularly !
I forget sometimes,mostly I am in hurry or because I don't feel the need !
As I grow older,saponified soaps which are amply available in India don't hold my interest and the handmade, so called mild just burns and makes my skin stretchy !
I love soaps  and bodywashes like Dove and Olay is what I put my money because while travelling I need to carry only 1 bottle !
I preserve small 100 ml bottles after cleaning them and sterilising them in boiling water !
These I use to carry body wash and lotion !
But bar soaps of Olay and Dove are my go to!
I have stopped buying facewashes I just use Syndet bars or body wash on my face !
In that way ,I am back to square one- one product from top to toe !
And yes I have washed my hair with Syndet bars and applied conditioner like dove or tressemme and my hair is quite good like any shampoo !
I no longer DIY especially when it comes to cleaning products for body and hair !
Life was never simpler or better !

Saturday, 16 August 2014

make up removers ,..….anyone ??

I don't understand hue and cry about removing makeup,especially this day and age when foundation and  base double up as rich lotions,sunscreen and are light porous,fluid !
Now pan cake is completely different - the kind used for media,television and is thick enough to coat a spoon and its main job is to create a  blank canvas.
But most ladies who buy  drugstore make up these days are not buying  pancake type makeup.
Recently I have seen a slew of makeup removing  products running in hundreds of rupees.
They are mild sure ! But does an average woman in India need them.
Quite by accident, I applied  a pink coloured Ayur lotion - herbal moisturiser.
I hadn't applied a lot of make up and just wanted to clean my face quickly,splash water and go to sleep.But I had applied waterproof eyeliner!
As I wiped my face ,I was surprised that all make up came out in one single go.
Ayur moisturiser has paraffin liquidum I.e mineral oil.
I suspect all moisturiser  can work as makeup removers and since then I have also tried to use Boroplus lotion.
That one to works fine.
I follow up to wash face only if required.
Waterproof makeup comes out in a jiffy.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Even though I am 35 and kiddies call me aunty,I am not aunty like in my thinking.At least that's what I feel though others may differ on that.
I have always serious,studious kind,usually did what I was told by parents and really didn't have a life while growing up.
So,now when some one calls me Aunty I don't feel like one.
In India, everyone is an auty and uncle.And usually people just see the body,grey hair or not to call some one aunty.
However there are some specifics and behaviour patterns which means one is an aunty,no matte the age.

  1. You start mothering everyone 's children and not just your actual nieces and nephews.
  2. You start giving advice,in fact you itch and ache to give advice.
  3. You have an strong opinion on everything and no amount of facts make you change your thoughts.
  4. You automatically know how children should be raised without raising any .This is different than having mere opinions on how children are brought up these days.
  5. You discuss food recipes and eating healthy. Young people are not into health though they might starve to become thin.
  6. You skin is drying and hair thinning,...first sign of advancing age.
  7. Followed by aches and pains in joints,mood sswings.

Monday, 10 February 2014

OMG ........,Wtf?

Have you  ever seen blotches ,mash of colour ,dull rough cloth tiny bobbers under arm area of your favourite cotton Kurtas or even shirt? At first,I thought they were sweat stains,....but then again I don't even sweat so much.
I read up on Google  and it turns out your favourite anti perspirant is damaging your clothing.It doesn't wash out with detergents,the textile around the underarm area blotches,get discoloured.
I have spoiled many Kurtas....and I didn't even realise.
It seems if you want to continue using deodorant and antiperspirants then this cannot be prevented.The only option it seems is to apply aerosols and if applying roll one, needs to wait till it dries completely.
Gosh, important thing like deodorant is messing up my clothes.
Aerosols too may not completely prevent this damage.

Update: It seems roll one which are  just deodorants and Not antiperspirants as well do not spoil the fabric.So ,I have been using only Fa does  and not antiperspirants which seems to not cause this problem.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Do you waste food?

Do you consider  hip to not complete food on your plate?Do you throw away vegetables and fruits from your fridge without pangs?Do you pile your plates in weddings and then throw away half eaten cake or kulfi,or Gulab jamun?

Did your parents forget to teach you not to waste food and water?
Or have you forgotten your parents  teachings to appear cool in your posh and hip crowd of friends??
I belong to Dawoodi bohra community which loves food,feeding people and then getting together to eat.
But one thing which other people from other religion and communities do not know is ;We consider wasting food criminal.We teach children to eat with their hands and finish the food in their plates.We have a custom of sitting in a thal and volunteers serve food to us....we are obliged to only take that much in the thal that its 8 members can finish.
Nowadays many people in their ego sometimes do not finish the last morsel in the that but thankfully others implore,suggest and ask each other to finish so that not a single grain on the thal ,dal or curry goes waste
Personally I store vegetables in containers,buy only for week and don't buy if I know I won't be cooking.I process vegetables when I buy I.e pick palak,methi leaves ,dry them on the newspaper and then put it in dry plastic containers. My curry leaves stays green in plastic containers for 2 weeks.
I use vegetables depending on requirement and how soon they can go bad.
I make one pot meals and pulaos...I.e make only that is required. I store leftovers properly and finish them immediately the next day.
I don't let leftovers sit more than 3 days in the fridge.
I store extra rice or chapaties in air tight containers so they remain fresh.

In my house,everyone eats leftovers not just women.

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