Thursday, 8 November 2007

Men and Machine

Just look around and there is a good chance that someone is either selling a fitness machine,gadget -call it whatever you like or a hope of youth and beauty in a tube and a jar .

Usually the price is for asking !

Do our lives run on hope ! or is it that our realities and what we want run on two separate tracks ?
Or do we know all the facts and reality yet succumb to a Fatcutter or latest cream !
I think for most people its latter.

Exercise machines overhelm me. The thought of going to the gym is giving me anxiety attacks ! I need to lose weight because being round and plump is really not in fashion nowadays.
Walking is the only thing i do with aplomb .I can amble easily to the ATM, to the shop or markets and don't fret to walk a kilometer or two.

And thank God, right from the time I was a nice brown ,langly teenager - it never crossed my head that I wanted to be fair and hence had to hop onto the bandwagon of "FAir and Lovely'.

Even now when i do put on makeup, its always to accentuate my best features and not to hide anything ! I love my body and colour even though its fatter than before !

I wish many Indian girls would be able to say that proudly and know that 90% of the cosmetics you really don't need !

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