Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I  belong to the Maggi noodle generation so when i came across this article it confirmed my worst fears. There goes a last minute saviour of a growling stomach !.
In our house we didn't eat Maggi everyday while growing up -  it was a someday thing, 'mom is sick' day thing and 'nothing to munch at home'  thing.
Mom and dad made sure we didnt grow up on staple diet of Maggi. However when i met some out of station friends at college - they lived on Maggi. And i 'm talking about  a time when ' low salt' ,'low fat' ,no trans fat ' didn't even exist in mindframes of people. It provided a cheap filling for a hungry stomach with just added water. Who could beat that ?

Nowadays i eat noodles with lot of vegetables thrown in along with some garlic,pepper and ginger  and yeah the tastemaker is really salted so more water  to make it soupy.
I also came across a way to prepare noodles by which wax and other chemicals can be removed . I don't know if it would help but no harm in trying. Just cook the noodles as mentioned with some extra water  and tastemaker then drain the broth. Just use noodles on pile of vegetables to assuage the guilty conscience.
Do you think this would help ?

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  1. I was going to practically live on these awesome things for next 2 months... By linking that article you spoiled that!!!

    Well I might still live on those things may be with guilt !! :)


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