Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Few things

Not new things ! However ,to hear from a terminally ill professor who had only few months to live -it struck somewhere in me !
I'm not an optimist- I'm anxious and fearful at present .At best i'm skeptic if not cynic !
  1. The most important thing is to have FUN. No matter what you do, have fun. Have fun in relationships, when you are working hard.
  2. Don't complain and whine when things don't turn out the way you want or imagined: just work harder !
  3. Advice to women who want a life partner: Just ignore everything the guys say when they are trying to date,woo you -pay attention to what they do when with u ,to you ! That way you'll avoid major mistakes !
  4. For parents: let children scribble on the wall. Better still, designate a wall for them to paint /scribble
  5. People vs Things: People close to you and those whom you love matter over things
  6. Tell the truth : Always. Tact is when truth is spoken when asked,or when consequences are weighed for not speaking the truth and finally when truth is spoken for another person
  7. Mental attitude is all that matters
  8. Apologize : 3 parts of apology:
      1. I'm sorry
      2. I screwed up ,its my fault
      3. how can i make it right for you/ how can i make amends ? [this last question will show how sincere you are ]
  9. Life is 10%white ,10% Black and 80% grey: Therefore see always the positive to everything and accept reality no matter how hard it is

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