Friday, 7 January 2011


Ok ,I think I've fetish for lipsticks ! I have tonnes of lipsticks and as far as i can remember I've completely used only one - a nude from Lakme ( this was easily a decade ago). My Mom got alarmed whenever she saw the dabba full of lipsticks and i think she mentally calculated how much i had spent.Now my spending on lipsticks increased alarmingly in the last decade which was full of strife,heartbreak,frustration ,stress,pain and general stupidity.The last decade was also the time where i worked jobs so i had the money. So ,like decadent selfish youth, i splurged and am still splurging on lipsticks.

Now don't get me wrong...I'm not a make up person however...I'm a lipstick person. During my teenage and twenties i seriously ( naively) thought kajal and lipstick means make up. So a beautiful palette of eyeshadows and blushes which was gifted sat gathering dust in the cupboard because invariably we 3 sisters ( yes ,we shared make up when we were naive, unselfish sisters) thought foundation and eyeshadow ,blushes was too much make up.

Now I'm talking about an age when Lakme ruled the roost in India and foundation was worn to make one whiter !

Why talk about make up now ??

Well, you see i accidently came across a make up blog and since then trawling makeup blogs and reading about all the beautiful blushes and stay on eyeliners is a kind of stressbuster in my miserable life.
Hurrah for internet and for the fact my father can afford one!

I also learnt how cleverly applied makeup can highlight features.And its trickery - make up is trickery ! And more importantly , I learnt about Chambor, Mac, Revlon,Maybelline and the stuff they hawk and of course now in hindsight i realize how some of the stuff from Lakme was really bad.
Maybelline i knew when i was in senior college . But hey, i always thought it was very expensive. Of course i now realize Revlon and Maybelline is just a drugstore brand in US and retails there so cheaply yet they are so costly in India. They retail for far more in India. But then in India, all make up is costly - especially the really good stuff and sometimes the bad useless stuff as well.

Now recently to stub my loneliness and grief, I bought eyeliner Prunella and Cocobar and metallic black and pledged to My Mom that i'll use my makeup, iron my clothes and be as well dressed as i possible can.More importantly use my lipsticks and not buy stuff which I'll probably never use !


  1. love the way you write..and even was kinda shocked when I got to know that revlon etc being the drugstore brand in the US!
    Why don't you take a look at some of my posts at
    I have talked about my experiences rather than make up in a few of them!

  2. nice write-up Z...LOVE UR BLOG..


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