Sunday, 13 February 2011

I've a grudge against 'natural' products

The word 'natural' as we know is the most abused word in cosmetic industry. There was once upon a time in India where we had Ponds cold cream, Afghan snow that women happily slathered without bothering what went inside. Then came Lakme with their moisturizer and winter care lotion - all in liquid form.

Now , its natural here and organic there and between chemical to natural there are umpteen confusing ingredients  on the bottle.

There is a whole lot of spoilt companies who are fooling people with this word natural. To me  besan + milk is natural and not that bottled ,stable at room temperature for days on end cleanser. Reetha +shikakai when boiled and strained make a dark brown concoction while there are so many bottles of shampoo  which are clear almost white labelled as shikakai - reetha shampoo. How does that become natural?

The only thing i like about Khadi is soaps and well the khadi cloth ! The shampoos contain SLES  and CAB which renders it unnatural in all the technical sense of the word.
And let me not even begin describing Lush !

How do they justify high prices on the basis of natural and organic , beats me ?

People kindly be informed - don't buy so called natural products because of their self blown trumpets - buy them if at all based on same parameters as the  heathen 'unnatural' products. Rest assured , you are paying as much for luxury on these products as say- mainstream product lines like L'oreal or even Lakme.
Yep ..the sad truth is all those lavenders ,citruses and kiwis are only 'motivational' ingredients in the form they are used in the formulation .Most of them are only fragrances and that too strong fragrances that actually does no good to the skin and may even cause allergy breakouts on sensitive skins.

Yes there are natural products which work  like honey, milk, turmeric, neem however it ALL depends on the way they are used and their stability depends on freshness. So mixing that honey with few lemon drops and washing of the face will help in its straight undiluted form but its not really helpful when in the bottle and often they are only 'motivational' ingredients.To sell !


  1. Dear Zahra,
    I believe that there are few companies that actually sell genuinely natural stuff. I have actually bought such products and tried them myself. Check out lass cosmetics. It is a delhi-based company and makes cosmetics, hair care and body care products using traditional ayurvedic recipes. I ordered a shampoo, a face cleanser, a lotion, a face pack and a couple of soaps. None of them had anything remotely unnatural. Even he shampoo and the face cleanser did not have an foaming agents like SLS. Check out he site and if possible, do order a few products. hey are actually good

  2. @microbedoctor - Do they have a complete ingredient list on the tube or bottle . If not there is no way to make sure whether it contains SLEs or not right ?
    If these same products were sold like any other product it'd fine with me however according to me if you are adding parabens and chemically fractionated oils its unnatural.


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