Monday, 7 February 2011

50 random things about me

I saw this post on fellow blogger's space and she did a real good job and i wanted to do one too .
So here i go: 50 random things about myself.
  1. I learnt sewing dresses and salwar kameez ,kurtas and curtains, pillow covers only 3 years ago.And strangely  i'm quite good at it.
  2. I love miserable,pining, aching  love stories. Especially when the protagonist is a male who preferably dies for love .Therefore i think 'A tale of two cities' by Charles Dickens and 'Jude the Obscure' by Thomas Hardy are the best love stories.
  3. I talk about books i like -impromptu.To anybody who will listen.And i can go on and on !
  4. I get uncomfortable when people praise me. Nowadays, i don't understand if the person is really praising me or just following some vague rule of etiquettes ! 
  5. I love pasta,dabba gosht and chinagrass pudding.
  6. I love only my mom's biryani. And i haven't eaten one since she fell sick and will never eat since she died 2 months ago. I can't eat biryani now at all because it makes me miserable.
  7. I can ride only a bicycle- not a bike or car because i'm shit scared of Pune traffic
  8. I'm cynical
  9. I don't give gifts but only money simply because its too confusing and secondly because in my mind's eye i can see the person i'm gifting talking about how bad the gift was !
  10. I like flowers even a bunch of daisies can perk me up and make me happy happy !
  11. I think the most romantic thing anyone could do for me is - if i fell sick [ God forbid- since i'm horrendous freak when i'm sick] he could care for me ,take care of my food and medicines and Be there.
  12. 1 haven't seen a single movie in theatre since last 8 years and i have lost interest in doing it too.
  13. I'm honest -sometimes too much.
  14. I'm shy....even if i'm perkiest,loudest etc !
  15. I love dancing but wouldn't be able to if my life depended on it !
  16. I have a bad temper.
  17. I eat sweets  and a lot of it only when i'm depressed.And that's quite often since a long time in my life.
  18. I cry easily - yup  movies, books and other people's tales of sorrow.
  19. I'm quite gullible and have only acquired good sense recently {doubtful !]
  20. I 'm a lipstick fiend. And now , everybody knows it !
  21. I'm a stickler for loyalty and quite easily break relationships if i feel betrayed.
  22. I don't express love verbally ... never have.Yup, i could write paens ,send email, in a card but can't express with my voice face to face.
  23. I'm misunderstood all the time.
  24. I  will wear out most of my clothes till i can. I acquired  this from childhood days because my mom used to stitch me and my sisters clothes uptill  last 5 years.I think its criminal to waste.
  25. I embroider my ridas with my 2 hands.[ a kind of burqa].Everything from tracing to beading and then mom used to stitch it up.
  26. I think that Internet is the greatest thing about this century ..i doubt if anything could beat what Internet has done to businesses,relationships and fraandships !
  27. I'm klutzy. I fall trip and hurt myself probably a thousand times in a day .Its a miracle that i'm still alive.
  28. addition i've never suffered a fracture yet.
  29. I laugh loudly.
  30. I think Calvin and Hobbes is the Greatest comic strip ever !
  31. I make mean pastas, pizzas and idlis !
  32. I don't exercise but i'm everready to walk. I'll probably walk even if i'm a little sick.
  33. I hate to be overcharged and cheated and fret,fret fret till eternity.
  34. I nag people i love.
  35. I love going for a drive. i think sitting on a good sturdy bike and going for a drive with a guy is extremely romantic and extremely fun in case its done with friends.
  36. I am  rude and sometimes unknowingly and unintentionally.
  37. I get turned on by generous and extremely large hearted and wise guy- a really practical and wise {genuine wisdom only !] person !
  38. I love love Les Miserables, Pride and Prejudice,Anton Chekhov's story 'Grief".
  39. In my second life i want to be a lookalike of Audrey Hepburn.
  40. I get up late in the mornings although i sleep early at night since i'm a light and poor sleeper.
  41. I hate action bloody super hero kind of movies and don't watch horror because .....yes i get scared ! Only exception are Alfred Hitchcock's masterful creations.
  42. I've climbed Sinhagad tekdi  3 times in my life .I want to climb all mountains in the world however i doubt that'll happen !
  43. I think eating out is justifiable only under following circumstances: a] no food at home/don't want to cook b] romantic date c] staying away from home.
  44. I'm not ambitious nor street smart.
  45. I love icecreams 
  46. I love chocolate anything !
  47. Lately,I watch TV A LOT! Too many shows which are crap !
  48. I love my independence and hate it when people demand to know each and every minute detail of my whereabouts.
  49. I can wander alone in the markets...actually its more out of necessity than want these days :(
  50. I don't have girly girly friends :(


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