Monday, 28 March 2011


I don't like birds. And i dislike immensely the homing ones -pigeons ! I'm fairly tolerant to birds primarily because one really has no control over all those crows,kites,hawks,pigeons flying about.I even admire the raptors viz eagles ,vultures ....from afar.Tell me to caress a lovey dovey pigeon i'll probably freak out.

I'm not an animal hater however I'm not even a petter.Pigeons mess my balconies and i've to clean it. A most particular pain ! Pigeons lay eggs in the balcony [they'd lays eggs in the house too if they could enter and stay inside for long] and i have to worry about what to do about those eggs. And i hate that.

I very much mind the way pigeons messed up my wheatgrass plants and ate up my methi seedlings. They are extremely intrusive ,stubborn and i suspect dumb too !

I hate the way they give me evil side glances when i try to shoo them away. I don't like the way they perch on my wet laundry ! I wish someone would make a pigeon repellant !

Crows just caw caw and they never enter the house. Mynas are nonchalant about humans and don't even look at us. Sparrows are non existent in Pune- I just came back from kutch- gujarat trip and i saw sparrows there ! I wish for sparrows..they were plain little busy things and not intrusive of my space. Where I stay, i see a parrot probably once a year...i see more kites, hawks and eagles. That reminds me- I have never seen a bat in real life -only in movies !
I saw peacocks and peahens in kabrastan in ahmedabad where i went to pay respects [ziyarat] to all those great people ! And peacocks don't care about humans either ! He didn't even look once at me though i stared and examined him from near for almost 15 minutes.
So i think most birds don't like humans too.

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  1. So sad to read this, you don't like the symbol of peace... The love letters carrying vehicles.. Kabootar ja ja types!!! ;)

    I like birds of most kind except like crows and bats and like that..

    And btw Lulua just loves pigeons, we just have to show those to hers and she will forget everything.

    And what you have not seen bats!! you really need to get out of your house little miss sunshine :)


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