Friday, 12 August 2011

Where is my affortable leave in conditioner ?

I have grown particularly steadfast about my affordable effective an easy to use Garnier leave-in conditioner.You know, those green bottles ! I have waist length hair and since i stopped oiling just to comb hair i have been increasingly dependent on Garnier leave in conditioner so that combing long hair doesn't become a nightmare !

I really don't care what is advertised about leave ins but the Garnier one made my hair soft and easy to comb and i required only a little of it. Now that my bottle is about to get over , i went to buy another and guess what.....its discontinued ! Off the shelves !

I searched so many malls and shops just to find some bottle of it. There is not a single leave in conditioner in the market in that price range. There is some fancy  looking L'oreal serum which is costly. I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms and am dreading combing hair without one.

So,Garnier where is my leave in conditioner ? :(


  1. Hi Zee..May be u can find it on

  2. I just don't believe in these leave ins and serums probably because I have oily hair, doesn't get tangled easily and these stuff tend to make my hair oily. But you can sell me anything for a good fragrance and I think I'll buy some. How's the fragrance of garneir leave in?

    1. here i am talking about the old one not the new serum.Out of necessity i bought the new one but it makes my hair oily if by mistake i use too much.Don't go for it if your hair is already oily.


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