Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I am a big fan of Paula Begoun who runs Cosmeticscop on Web. I think she is a lone crusader against the myths propagated by the owners and marketing departments of cosmetic industries which have entrenched in people's psyche as 'ultimate researched truth'.
What people forget is that Real Science which leads to drugs, molecules and techniques which can improve life is very much there and its slow.There are studies published - 90% of them are not tainted in spite of corruption in annals of science.

For people who are interested, read this article- 20 beauty myths .
If you want to really critically analyse , just type 'Pubmed' in google and when you enter Pubmed ,enter the studies she has cited under each myth. Read those research articles. or abstracts. And then decide for yourself....Do you want to blindly believe in sales girls and advertising and pay hundreds of rupees for useless products or do you want to make informed choices every single time and force the cosmetic industries to actually give a good product at a very good price...and then they may not have to spend lacs on advertising !

Cosmetic industries make huge profits on medioacre products and products where the raw material costs are paltry eg  lip balms [ they give just 4 gm of product  !] shampoos,conditioners and body lotions and inspite of that they mis-sell  and spread lies which get ingrained in the minds of misinformed !

I would love to know what you think about this .


  1. This is a great post zee.... everybody should read it instead of running to buy more skincare stuff...thank you..

  2. hi pls tell me did u call Ali or not... :)
    I am also single at 30 ha ha...

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Anon, Ali and Sarah is figment of my imagination.Its one of my short stories which i put up on this blog now and then ! Thanks for visiting !

  3. Don't open my eyes, don't open my eyes.. they look tempting and we buy, i guess. But I am going to read the myths and hope to learn something. <3


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