Thursday, 15 March 2012


If you are like me ,you have probably been searching for a good foundation to make you look flawless and born with perfect skin ! At the same time , the foundation could preferably be affordable, matches the skin tone and simple to use everyday !
I have realized i have that kind of face where even a little makeup like a blush , single colour shadow application and a lipstick makes me look 'madeup' .Do any of you face this problem ? Or is this my perception problem ?
Maybe i just don't use the colors right !

There are all kinds of foundations in the market today. The rupee bracket of 200-300 usually contain water based ones  which promise oil free and easy application e.g The ones made by Lotus herbals, Revlon [touch and glow] and Lakme [invisible finish ].The foundations of earlier decade mostly made the face look caked up and like a mask and worst ...there was dearth of shades.

I have hardly used foundation while growing up.I bought Lakme Perfecting Liquid foundation when i started working..thinking i 'll use it . However, i never did go around actually using it. Its sat in my cupboard,separated and then i had to throw it away.Then, i tried the Lakme souffle and since i never got the time in the morning rush to use it , it dried up and that too went in the garbage !

 Anyway, so you see, i stopped using foundations altogether till I found Maybelline's Stick foundations[ its been discontinued now]. It matched my complexion,application was easy however it left an greyish cast [at that time i didn't realize that !]. The problem with stick foundations is blending. A little goes a long way and if not blended properly it does not give an even finish.

Stick foundations are unforgiving if the color doesn't match to the T ! Our SA's at ALL the brand counters have 'fairness fixation'-  i have found they tend to give customers a shade lighter because they believe ALL Indian women want to look fair using a foundation [ wrong ! Wrong ! ]
It is simply wrong to use foundation to look fair ! The end result is a face white ghost like and arms,legs and horror – neck is wheatish brown ! I stopped using foundation for precisely this reason..i knew zero about makeup but i definitely knew i didn't want a mask like effect !

Here is my opinion of my brave buy of Max Factor's Panstik !

1.Its compact, easy to carry in the purse. No spillage !
2.It gives medium to high coverage, a dewy finish and brightens the complexion on its own. I ,however do mix a drop of oil free moisturiser and the foundation to apply quickly like a tinted moisturiser.
3.Lots of shades to choose from. Pester the SA to check all the suitable shades against your skin.
4.I bought it in winters but since summer is already here , i find i can use equally well on my combination skin in hot weather.
5.A great concealor  especially for small imperfections, here and there. Partially covers dark under eye circles !
6.Does not feel heavy on the face.It stays for 8-10 hours on the go and out in the sun too. I think its sweat proof.I have never experienced this with any other foundation till date !

1.Blend ,blend and blend. The best way to apply , i find, is on moisturised face , one part at a time. With a wet sponge, it makes the application easier ! Overall,not really a breeze on the application part !
2.Gives a whitish cast ! However , all i do is pat a wet palm all over my face and it becomes natural finish ! This works with my Maybelline stick as well !
3.No spf ! Its a shame. But i work this one with my Fabindia's Oilfree spf 15.

Price: Rs 660

Verdict: My search for a good foundation below 600-700 continues.But i like this Panstik way better than my Invisible finish lakme foundation. If you are ok with blending part you might want to give this a try !


  1. Maybelline BB cream is an option but limited shades.I have just switched to Lacto calamine and I am happy:)

    1. Yeah lacto calamine is good for summers ! and somehow i didn't like maybelline BB when i swatch it at the counter !

  2. we have similar in kryolan i think...nice review Z...


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