Saturday, 3 March 2012

All time favourite movies

I love watching English movies- but not all of them and unfortunately nowadays most of them :P
You see, i have grown up on TNT - the TNT movies which was aired after 7pm after the HBO channel back in early 1990's. They used to show old Hollywood  movies - the black and whites, the singing and dancing musicals which were a treat to me  and my sisters. My Dad used to watch English movies in theater during his college years- all those Westerns and 50's and 60's greatest Hollywood productions which managed to come to Bombay's theaters !
He introduced us to Guns of Navarone, Gone with the Wind and yes The Sound of Music and my favourite -My Fair Lady.
Star movies, HBO et al are showing only crap nowadays and extremely rarely the greater movies.I appeal to all the English channel giants - please show the old movie classics on your channels in India.

Here are the list of the movies worth watching because they are fun, engaging, the songs are great or sometimes the actors are superb. But most importantly, most of them have a story to tell. This list is open to additions because i am sure i have not seen all and there must be some great movies which i might have missed.This list is no particular order.

  1. Gone with the Wind- my all time favourite and i loved Scarlett O' Hara's character and of course Rhett Butler ! :-) Vivien Leigh steals the show !
  2. All about Eve - Loved Bette Davis. I happened to watch this again when i was around 25 and i found a complete new viewpoint on it
  3. My Fair Lady
  4. The Sound of Music
  5. To Kill a Mockingbird- I had read the book twice back to back and then i read it again. I happened to see the movie only couple of years ago and i loved it but I love the book more !
  6. Birds - By Alfred Hitchcock. His movies are the only Horrors which appeal to me. And i love the way he made his mysteries ! Gruesome !
  7. Psycho
  8. The Shop around the Corner- Wowie, the lanky Jimmy Carter and the simple love story !
  9. Driving Miss Daisy
  10. The Kid- By Charlie Chaplin
  11. Ben Hur- i must have watched this movie  atleast 4 times, read the book twice
  12. The Maltese Falcon: based on Alistair Maclean's book by the same name. I loved the book and the movie.
  13. Roman Holiday - Audrey Hepburn  and Gregory Peck .Loved it !
  14. Breakfast at Tiffany's - I have read the book only recently and i love the book more ! But then i always love the books more than movie adaptations !
  15. The Godfather series
  16. It happened one Night
  17. Stanley and Iris : Nowhere near the greats but i loved Robert di Niro in it .loved the story!
  18. The Black Swan
  19. Taxi driver
  20. The Good ,the Bad and the Ugly
  21. The Bridge on the River Kwai
  22. Fiddler On the Roof : I enjoyed the songs and loved the story
  23. Scent of A Woman : Ooh Al Pacino !
  24. The Dark Knight
  25. Wait Untill Dark - 
  26. Gaslight -interesting plot !
  27. The Pianist - I fell in love with Adrian Brody !:)


  1. nicely compiled...n thnx for dropping by my blog :) i guess u r the one who commented as ife :)

  2. I remember tnt.I also remember not being old enough to be allowed to watch it;)

  3. Hey ZeeBee, Happy Holi:).

    sorry for not being able to check out your posts these days. I am sorry for myself because your posts are always a delight to read. I don't know about TNT, may be becasue I wasn't old enough to have known at that time or I was always busy in my books. I was nocturnal from my school days and used to study after 7 to 8 PM when everyone decided to catch their sleeps.

    But thanks for doing this post!! I have watched my fair lady and it's my favorite too. I have also watched taxi driver but don't remember a thing. Was I doped? j/k.

    About the Gulab Jamun- I made it using khoa+ararot+paneer+maida = nice soft gulab jamuns. The only thing I couldn't get right was chashni. It was nice runny in the beginning but froze after 4-6 hours. Do you know why? Anyways i'll ask my mum.



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