Saturday, 14 April 2012

Multitasking lipstick

Crazy as it sounds, it was out of sheer ignorance that my poor lipsticks started to multitask ! You know how it is are young , you go to your neighborhood vanity shoppee , he pulls out trays of lipstick, no testers ,you open the lipstick case ,turn it around ,maybe dab a little if Uncle allows you to to see the shade. If he has allowed you to dab a little so have others ....anyway i digress.
The point is I made the best out of my lipsticks. Its hard to believe but just ten years ago only Lakme, Revlon  and Maybelline were reachable to the masses. Revlon has always been overpriced , Maybelline was priced higher than Lakme. So Lakme was invariably the highest selling brand...therefore most sold at the neighbourhood shoppee.

I have used dark lipsticks as blush , light pastels frosty creamy ones as eyeshadows and once upon a time i had gold colored lipstick [ yep, bad choice!]  which i used as e/s a couple odd times.I was just dumb or maybe i didn't know eyeshadows existed . You see there were no malls, goods were not on display and under scrutiny.So unless you had makeup loving cousin there was no way to know much. Since nail paints and lipstick were placed on the counter  i knew about them and therefore bought more of.

I  wash my hands with soap, dab lipstick with fingertips on my lips and then dab some on cheeks as blush. I have NYX blush cream and Lakme earth rose trio but in hurry i still use lipsticks as blush. i have only recently been using blush more earlier it was only party/wedding thing and i had no idea about makeup at all.
However , now i have stopped using lipsticks as e/s mainly because it travels everywhere  around the eyes and because i have invested in e/s.

However, i love using it as blush because of 2 reasons: 1] There is no way one can go overboard with the colour ,blending is easier with creamy lipsticks and 2] It makes matching the blush with lipstick shade easier atleast for me because i have dark pigmented lips so no way it looks same on lips as well as cheeks.
There are some shades which , let's face it , were bought when i probably was not thinking/zoned out/ transfixed by the SA  and many such reasons so those i use only as stains or to mix match with other shades or as blushes.

Another use of lipstick I have discovered is as stain which i think many of you may already know of. Since i use only fingers to apply lipstick, i can quickly mix and match ,powder it a bit/blot it and apply gloss.

Do you do all the tikdum which i do? Do let me know what you think.                                                                     


  1. THIS IS it

  2. I now know how to use that Dark plum lippie that I haven't used it ages :D


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