Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Soaps and more

I love soaps and amongst them i love transparent glycerine soaps. Those green soft mush of happiness which leaves skin squeaky clean which no bodywash can compare. Rubbing soap across body is therapy. it takes effort and great smelling soaps with clean fresh scent can refresh the mind and tired nerves.
So when i came across this i had to give it a shot ! That article was about making exfoliating soap using a regular bar of soap.
In india, melt and pour soap bases are not availaable like in the West. So when  i wanted a scrub soap. ...well i had to buy one. When i looked around there were hardly any in the market. i think Khadi makes a couple [those that are readily available] and one is made by Nomarks  which is quite scratchy and i didn't like it much.

Now that soap is once more a luxury..[ it started as luxury and now seeing the prices of good yummy soaps is enough to send aam admi in a tizzy].. so when i came across that article i wanted my own scrub soap.Since i did not want to use the Pears soap i tried Medimix soap with glycerine. I like the clean scent of medimix soaps and the newer variants the glycerine and the chandan one are particularly good !

I needed something that will melt into a clear base.Here's what i have made:

A multani mitti with ambahald ,almond powder and rose powder mix scrub soap

-Scraped thinly a 3/4th bar of Medimix Glycerine soap in a bowl.
 -In a small stainless steel container. I added 4 heaped tsp of above mixture of multani mitti and herbs.Multani mitti was in largest amount in above mix.
- Then i added coconut oil 1 tbsp, i teaspoon glycerine,1 tsp water and mixed it well
- I kept the container in double boiler and added soap shavings and mixed well while the soap melted.
- I had greased small vatis with oil to make soap bars. You can use moulds for soaps if you have any ! I use cut outs of tetrapack juice packets,cheese spread plastic dabbis or steel vatis whatever on hand !
- hile still hot pour soap base in molds and air it and let it cool and then refrigerate for an hour and un mould.
- after un moulding i let it airdry for another 2 days and then use. I have been using this one from last 3 weeks and still 3/4th of it is left. Talk about economically sound with ample of good stuff.

i am in love ! Multani mitti  i know is so great as facepack. but in soap its like a proper mud soap. Its scrubby and totally clarifying and soothing.Each time, my skin is soft and glowing. I use it on face and in this summer the ambahald and mulatani mitti is refreshing. I have used this to wash my hair it lathers and works beautifully  when i haven't had time for reetha [ or forgotten to soak ritha] My hair is silky and clean. I always do a vinegar rinse after using soap on hair.
The color of the soap is dark brown maybe not very appealing but once you use it you are going to forget everything else.

A rose powder and sugar scrub soap

Another love. I have been mixing sugar with oil and ambahalad for my scrubbing and pampering sessions since ages especially if i have been mentally tired and depressed. It used to always cheer me up. When i feel angry ,upset, tired neglected and when i have the time i clean the house ,my shelves or pamper my skin and hair. Sugar scrubs is way to go for a less messier pampering session.

In this one i used Fiama di wills transparent soap, melted it the same way as above, added sugar [half cup for the whole bar of soap- you can add more] ,coconut oil, glycerin, rose powder 1 heaped tsp.
I have been using this one  alternatively with the multani mitti one. i love it superlatively!

For hair i have made the following combinations:

1] Shikakai and reetha masala [powder] boiled in hot water [ very thick almost dry paste] 1/4 cup and 1 medimix soap[haldi chandan ] shavings+ 1 tbsp of my ayur coconut shampoo+ 1 tbsp of glycerina and coconut oil.

2] Khus powder + masoor dal powder 1 tbsp each+half cup of coconut shampoo+ Half medimix soap [glycerine]+1tsp of glycerine and coconut oil

Both the hair shampoo bars are not hard but not very soft either. They lather and clean beautifully and are mild.They are beautiful and moisturizing and quick alternative to my reetha shikakai mix. Remember to dry them in soap dish in between uses.
it leaves my hair soft and i am liking it so much.
I think these hair soaps are going to last me for god knows how long .
I have a few combinations worked out for future soaps depending on availability of herbs in my house....you know variety is spice soap of life !:-P

Even if you don't like soaps, i highly recommend that if you ever make only one. do make multani mitti one for summer. Start of with lower proportion of multani mitti and then make it up to almost half of the soap quantity.

Do let me know if you use any other soaps besides the ones which i have used.I have used glycerine ones because they melt into a clear liquid and i doubt if the regular soap will melt properly !


  1. Wow , this sounds too good!

    Just a question...Can I replace the soaps that you have used with my biotique or Khadi soaps and shampoos?

    BTW u can add dried orange peel also to some of ur soap mixes :)

    u write really well plus the things that you mention are natural and home made..love this fact

    1. Thanks nidhi.Yeah, definitely . I think khadi and biotique soaps wud work well too. Do let me know me know if it turns out well. I'll add your observations as update too. yeah orange and lime peels as well as dried mint leaves will make great scrubs particles !

  2. Glad I found this post. It’s really awesome.I love transparent glycerine soaps. Those green soft mush of happiness which leaves skin squeaky clean which no bodywash can compare. Rubbing soap across body is therapy. it takes effort and great smelling soaps with clean fresh scent can refresh the mind and tired nerves.Buy khadi soaps online from thekhadishop that has a dedicated collection of bathing bard in many flavors.


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