Thursday, 21 August 2008

So false ! True !

In this age, of glitzy ,expensive marketing and advertising ,the worst hit is the area of personal use products and cosmetics.
I admit, i've gone through my share of hopes dashed by a cream, shampoo and latest sunscreens.They almost never do what they proclaim to do. I've been most conscientious of the fact of choosing stuff according to my skin type and budget.Thankfully, I've never bought into the thinking that costly and expensive products mean necessarily better ! Though , I've come across many educated ,young women who simply have lazily accepted this fact. Being a microbiologist and a science student have always made me ask questions and of course Internet has been very useful in answering many questions of mine.
One such neutral and wonderful site I came across is :
Paula Begoun , I think is the lone fighter against the cosmetic industry and busting so many myths which have been propagated by this industry over so many years that we have come to believe them to be true.

Check this link :

I encourage to use your own judgment and commonsense against the onslaught of false,gimmicky adverstising and marketing claims for almost everything under the sun.

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