Saturday, 8 November 2008

What you see is what you get !

"What you see is what you get" used to be an identification sign of the evolved,upright and uncomplicated individuals. There was this notion that such people don't play games. This term is also wildly confused with people who carry their thoughts ,feelings and sometimes harmful attitudes on their sleeve. They make no show of hiding and even improving their defects/shortcomings.

However ,recently, I'm pushed to reflect whether perception of one by the people he/she comes across determines his/her realities- the push and pull in relations,success in money and relationships ?

Some people I've talked to really stress on how appearances matter more. You may be talented,smart and even nice but all that is secondary to how well you are turned out ( read: latest haircolour,fashionable,good figure,fair.) how you talk (read: diplomatic,confident, brag,good mixer in social structures), how you spend your money ( parties,renovating homes according to latest styles or to keep up with Jones,clothes,gadgets- in short everything you can flaunt).

There are people who judge since time immemorial only by looks- arranged marriages where guys come to see girls, love marriages - where only pretty and stylish girls will get a guy.Interviews for jobs where how well you turn out will determine your pay if not the job itself.
Its all about how one looks or how one comes across.Then other things like castes,religion,marital status,age etc come into play.

That's perhaps why sometimes people hire unsavory people to work for them .They pollute morale of truly straight people- the sincere, honest ,unmanipulative, God- fearing lot !
That perhaps is the reason why divorce rates are going up and people think more about themselves than the children they have brought into this world. Of course there are situations where divorces are absolutely warranted however a good many of them would have been averted if people would have taken getting married seriously and stressed not on the looks and what prospectives grooms/brides say but who they are.

Or i may be all wrong. Success and money hides all follies and failure and lack of wealth makes even good intentions,words and actions vulnerable and instigative so that one attracts loneliness and misunderstandings !

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