Thursday, 11 December 2008


I watch news channels - a lot of it nowadays ! Today ,on one of the channels a news flash said Cong. has yet to decide the CM for Rajasthan post victory .
There was a footage of a swarming crowd chanting . The news reader specified that the Jath majority wanted the CM elected to be from their caste.
A group of majority wanted a leader from their caste. That's comfortable !

If we continue to elect CMs on basis of caste and under pressure of the majority and if that is the sole criteria how can we expect leaders who are meritorious and capable?

When do we elect capable people? After terrorists attacks?
Isn't a burgeoning democracy with children dying of malnourishment ,farmers' committing suicide annually, people -around 50% below poverty line and widespread illiteracy in many communities -just like a predictable bad movie , enough reasons ?

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