Thursday, 22 January 2009


Once again today that topic came and stood in front of me. My father had casually inquired of a broker about a flat in heart of cantonment- Pune camp where muslims,hindus, parsis and christians stay together and head towards one and the only Kayani bakery.Yes, in the same 'cosmopolitan' Camp,those building residents didn't want the flat to be sold to a Muslim.

Now ,I wish i could say this is the direct fallout of 'bad bad terrorist Muslims' but it isn't. Whenever i visited the old Pune city ,all i could see is Maharashtrians[Indian Hindus} in majority - the Peths[barring a couple},the new Pune areas like Kothrud [the earliest fastest developing suburb} and newer suburbs like Aundh,Baner and hitherto areas.
Me, the eternal dumbo thought that it was because new people did not settle in these areas because they were already densely populated.
Many people whispered that Hindus don't give houses to Muslims but i did not believe it.
I faced it first hand when i took up a job in Powai and poor me couldn't get a rented flat because i was Muslim . I could not even camouflage myself or my name to get accommodation. It was right there. i had to leave the job because i didn't get a place to live and because i didn't want to live like a rat in some hole in Mumbai. The point is i didn't get a place to live which i liked just because i am 'so and so'

Now that officially as democratic secular Indians we already follow this caste bias system, i propose we legislate it. Put up a bill in Parliament where politicians can debate till hoary and then declare that Hindus will not rent/sell flats/property to Muslims. We have been following this practice already since time immemorial, if it is legislated Muslims can stand together and proclaim that Indian Muslims will not sell/rent to Indian hindus and neither buy from them .Buy/hire from parsis, Christians,Atheists but not Indian Hindus.
If its legislated then I as an Indian Muslim will not feel discriminated and i also get a licence to discriminate. As you may have noticed I've addressed my fellow Indians as Indian Hindus- well, that's because I feel its as appropriate as say 'Indian Muslims'.

Ring Ring Ringa Ringa Ringa Re

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  1. You should laugh. Laugh till tears run down your face.



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