Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Me and my neighbour!

Me: [flustered with tragedy and livid with anger] : Last night, your dog and cat entered my patch through that bloody broken fence ,which by the way was broken by your enterprising son and ate up my white mice and love birds.
Neighbor: [quiet,extremely alert ]: I beg your pardon ! How is that possible? My tomcat Freddy and Labrador Bosco were on leash the entire night ! Its just not possible !
Me: [cried vehemently] : Oh it is ,it is. I've feathers and bones of 5 mice and 4 lovebirds to prove it.Look there, beside that bougainvillea, I've laid them out for you to see. Do you still refuse to acknowledge it ?
Neighbor: My good lady, i'm very sorry for this tragic incident which happened in your garden. Let me also add,this is something which could've happened to anyone and anywhere. We live in a world full of violence and are attacked by terrorism from all sides.
Me: Oh yes, who knows that better than me ! From last 60 years since you moved here, something or the other has kept creeping up to my house and beset me with million headaches.
Neighbor: Oh, I do know you have been fighting intruders of all kind.I've been fighting some of that ilk in my backyard too.
Me: Oh yes you have been fighting them only now! If i remember clearly didn't you at one point of time had a fetish for all kinds of wild cats and dogs. Why, you had started a sanctuary of sorts for them !
Neighbor: Come, come ,Let's not get into the past now. I'm sure its one those wild dogs which have entered your patch yesterday night and attacked your pets !
Me: [shouting very loud and clear] Oh no no. You have been saying that for years now ! It was not 'some' wild dog or cat.They were yours - your very own pets !
Neighbor: [soothingly]:Now, now,let's not jump to any conclusions here. We don't want to create a war hysteria now,do we ?.....Ok, do tell me. WHat evidence do you have that my dog and cat ate up your mice and birds ?

Me: [snorting] Evidence ! ...[rushing towards the bushes]....[i drag the tomcat by its tail,literally] here is the damned evidence. This tomcat belongs to you ,doesn't it ?
Neighbour: [examining the cat nonchalantly]: Oh its the same colour ,....hmm ,....however i think its a tad small !

Me:[glaring at him]: you really are too trifle with this whole matter,aren't you ? It doesn't matter to you at all that my mice and birds are gone,right ?

Neighbour: Where's the evidence? All I ask of you is to send me some evidence.
Me: [holding out the cat] what is this then ? Isn't this evidence enough ?
Neighbour: Why don't you send over the evidence you have collected about this incident to my house. I promise i'll take prompt action.

And so it continued. Somewhere at the bottom of my heart it rankled me - wasn't this situation quite similar to something going on already nowadays. The push and pull. The pull and push .A sordid merry go a-round !

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