Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fried Chicken

Who doesn't like fried chicken ? KFC has carved out a market of fried chicken and they have invaded India too ! I was curious and hence i ate there once. Well, It was very very costly considering Chicken here is 100-120 Rs per kilo.Anyways, it was ok nothing exceptional. A blood hound that i am , i couldn't rest in peace till i had found a recipe and then tried it at home.

I am one of those people who cannot follow the recipe to the T, ...usually i improvise on spices and mostly on quantity.  I use maths and quick calculation because i hate wastage in kitchen.
So here is my tried and tested recipe for fried chicken all of my own.You can play with the spices and make it to suit your tastebuds!

Chicken[either drumsticks or large chunks]

For marination:[ all quantity is andaza and as per taste and amount of chicken]
Ginger garlic paste
Red chilli powder [ i use kashmirilal]
Green chilli paste
1 tbsp lemon juice
1tsp garam masala

To coat and then fry
approx 2 eggs [depends on amount of chicken]

  1. Wash clean and pat dry the chicken 
  2. Marinate them with the above mentioned ingredients depending on the time you have. I usually do it half a day.
  3. Take a sauce pan , add the chicken pieces and then add about 1 cup of water and boil . Gently stir the pieces. Most recipes skip this step but i find sometimes chicken remains uncooked and dry. I add just enough water so that it'll evaporate and half cook the chicken . Keep checking and don't overcook it.
  4. Now in two separate plates ,place cornflour and breadcrumbs and beat the eggs with salt and pepper in another bowl. Mix salt and pepper in cornflour too.
  5. Remove the chicken pieces let them return to room temperature.Then roll them first in cornflour then eggs and then breadcrumbs . Finish doing this to all the pieces and let them rest.
  6. While they rest , heat up oil in thick bottom kadhai . Once it becomes hot on medium high, start frying the chicken.
  7. Serve with mint and coriander chutney and/or mashed potatoes.


  1. Awesome!! trust me I am gonna try and show you the outcome. and you are definitely not going to be invited to my kitchen.. you'll stab me and run after cleaning my kitchen and saving a lot of stuff. :D


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