Saturday, 28 February 2009

Chaddies et al

Last month , we witnessed a unique form of protest - sending pink lingerie to Ram Sena founders and followers. I stood confused as i gazed at perfectly good lingerie sent to their offices being broadcasted on the TV. The lacy one caught my eye and it looked like a branded chaddi' to me. Probably Victoria secret, i mused ! For a second, i forgot about the incident which caused this sensational news.
Now , i belong to the class who cannot afford Victoria's Secret.Come to think of it, even if i could , I'm far too sensible to buy myself preposterously costly lingerie.
So, there, i saw on the TV, a dump of perfectly good lingerie- sexy ,lacey lingerie. Now the question is, did the men feel even slightly appalled at the sight of sexy lingerie? Did they scramble to rethink the vitriolic way in which they tried to uphold indian traditions ?
Something makes me think- it made no difference to them at all !In fact, i have a sneaky suspicion that they got a chance to hold lingerie right upto their noses and fantasize !
What did they do in return? To uphold their egos and masochism, they sent sarees in gaudier pink !
What did the women achieve by this symbolic protest ? Nothing !

I think the time tested formula of sending bangles would have atleast made them sheepish !
I think it works ! Tell a man who beats and tortures woman-" Coward, here, wear my bangles. kyon bahot mard bantey firta hai- aurtau par haath uthata hai !

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  1. une petite correction : on dit "pauvre moi" et pas "pauvre je"


    btw - nice blog


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