Monday, 9 March 2009

Wheeler dealer

One tiny little thought is nagging me. The other day, over lunch, a pompous colleague of mine proudly said how everyone complained about her naughty son and how she unabashedly took it in her stride by stating how proud she was of her 'active' son.
The next statement took me by surprise. She proudly said how her toddler was no cry baby but a macho two year old who would beat the other kid and not come home sobbing.
Is the zeal of producing a competent,strong and fit future generation driving most indian parents- well, nuts ?
The next time a 11 year old pre-teen bludgeons his classmate to death- whom should we blame ?
Aren't pushy,bitchy and plain mean children product of mean ,ambitious and double faced parents ?
Are the tuition classes producing pickled minds?
Who will take the blame ?

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