Saturday, 14 March 2009

The height of affairs !

I'm 5ft 8" tall middle class Indian girl.All the middle class [MD) 4 -5.3'' women gasp when they see me for the first time. They gasp because they still feel I'm a towering alien and because they firmly believe that tall towering Miss Indias' and Miss Universes' came from another planet and won the crowns for India.
And they probably gasp because they have to crane their necks to look up at me !
After nifty introductions the MD girls invariably and most infallibly sigh and grudgingly give me a compliment - 'You are so tall ,you are so lucky' or 'you have a nice height,han'. This has been going on throughout my life however its only now i've noticed this strange, similar pattern from women of all shapes ,sizes and ages. I like the snotty, rich ,posh girls who fall between 4-5ft.3" category who never seem to notice my height or comment at it. Instead,they just give me a grudging envious look !

Let me clarify, i didn't do anything for this tumultous ,towering gift.Its truly genetics and probably natural selection. Let me also add to all those sighing, short MD girls there are appreciable drawbacks of being an Indian towering MD girl.
  1. Yes, i could have become a model. Howeever, you must understand all tall girls don't want to be models just because they are 5ft 8" tall.
  2. Yeah, i do stand in the crowd.Yet, there are times when i don't want to stand in the crowd and there are times I would rather merge and hide within the horde.
  3. I get hit on the head invariably by things that hang from the low ceilings of most apartment flats in india. Believe me, I don't particularly thank god for making me tall during such incidents.
  4. I don't get to buy from Fashion street- rastey ka maal sastey main- because i don't get my size ,my length, my fit. So, i have to buy branded stuff to get even proper fitting shoes in India.Earlier, when India was not flooded with Pepe and reebok, i had to scrounge for school and daily wear shoes because most stuff in india is made for ladies who are not more than 5ft 4".
  5. I can't wear pumps, stilletos- especially if i have to stand besides a guy. The height of average Indian male is still between 5ft 4"-5ft 7".Now, its a different story that i don't bother and wear stilletos now.
  6. I still don't have a husband. That says it all.
  7. My knees get knocked and i'm uncomfortable in unspacious buses,trains, and economy airbus.
  8. I don't think ergonomic work spaces are built for tall people.
  9. I can't trade clothes with friends, sisters or even Mom.
  10. I can't get to choose the guy. I gotta have to choose a guy who is either of my height or taller than me. That reduces my odds considerably don't you think ?
I have decided. Next time, I'm going to tell my Maker to make me 5ft-3" girl.

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