Thursday, 30 April 2009

Have shoe ,will throw !

We seem to be fast developing into a shoe throwing nation. First Chidambaram and then Dr. Manmohan Singh .And i think its part of our culture. Now before, you throw a shoe at me let me explain why i think so. Examine following:
1. Chappal utha ke maroongi
2. Throwing a shoe/chappal at a chor/abuser who is running away when we fail to catch hold of him.
3. Chappals are favourite weapon to beat a woman- atleast that's what i've seen in jhopadpattis - of course after belts.
4 And bollywood movies where no argument on eve teasing is complete without the proverbial mention of 'sandal ki mar kahni hai ?'

We as a nation truly believe in the power of an humble shoe. The Iranian journalist did us a good turn and started a revolution because in India we genuinely believe our pedantic leaders and criminal leaders deserved to be booed away by throwing a shoe.
We are so frustrated and tired of trite offers,misuse of democracy and political leaders looting India and since we don't know what else to do we throw a shoe !
Come to think of it, its a sad situation ! Common Indian people have no other recourse to get themselves heard and noticed in their own land except by perhaps throwing a shoe !

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