Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I recently understood a most pertinent fact that everyone is dysfunctional in one sense or the other in this world. It took me years of everyday practical life and many mistakes and a lot of reading to understand that. Yep ,i mostly read to find answers because like most people i don't have a wise old man/woman helping me make sense of my many stumbles.
One such time ,in my darkest period, i came across this site- http://www.helpyourselftherapy.com/topics/grow.html.
I often refer to it when people try to manipulate my reality for their gains and when I let my mind get clouded in my everyday life.
The most primary thought which i keep forgetting is : I have a choice in every situation and only i can choose. Not making my choices however painful it may be :- is still a choice.

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