Monday, 29 June 2009


Education is a new business in India. All it takes is the name of an achiever and eminent personality at the helm to float a deemed university or business school, promotional marketing and advertising. When i was growing up, i did not see full page ads of any B-school or infact any college.Now, maybe most of the advertisers of the newspapers are those who have set up shops to teach this and that course.
There is no ranking system which can say which university is better based on the staff and infrastructure. There are many private institutes offering novel courses without any kind of accreditation. Every June ,scores of admission notices come out with half baked or total crap posed as information and students lap up.
Why are the consumers of education taking shit dished out by colleges and universities now? Fees have increased 10 fold in many courses and seats have increased yet colleges even the premier ones are dishing out the same story of lack of good staff.
There is a new drama of each college conducting its own entrance tests.Most of these entrance tests are sham.The moneyed and underhand students [and their parents] manage to get admission any ways !
For eg B.ed course in Maharashtra. Rs 650 for CET entrance exam - one gets a form and an information brochure at computer centers which sell these forms. What the information brochure doesn't tell is the computer centre takes Rs 20 to upload the filled form. After CET exam, results are displayed on MKCL website however information brochure of B.Ed fails to inform students that college codes will also be available at the website hence the computer centre [ALC] sells information brochure and college preference form for Rs 50 and Rs 20 to make money.
When one goes through the available colleges under this centralized procedure, there are very few B.Ed colleges in English medium. Majority of the colleges are Marathi medium so one realises there are very few options for only English medium students.
After doing all this one realizes, there ia a separate CET exam conducted by Maharashtra Vina Anudan Adhyapak Mahavidyalay Sansthachalak Association which provides seats in some 100 odd colleges. In short, a brilliant student will have to give atleast 2-3 entrance exams for such courses to keep his options open. For mediocre students, he has to be open to go whereever he gets admission or pay up.
For MBA etc, colleges sell prospectus and forms from 1000 to 1500 and now for other courses like B.Ed ,open category has to shell out 650 + other expenses and then once admitted buy college forms.After long stretched out tamashas,students are then heaped more crap in form of teachers who are sadists,incompetent, unprofessional,egotists who don't want to teach and cover up their inefficiency under the guise of discipline.In India, 90% of teachers are people who don't love to teach !
The only people who are making money are the ones who start these so called colleges and courses with fancy names.

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