Saturday, 7 May 2011

End of a story !

Ok, someone i know got dumped[let's call her X]. Well, I think it was long coming and she should've  dumped him first !
As it usually happens the jerk didn't care to explain why! X reconciled to the fact that she'd never know and it didn't matter.However to my weird sensibilities ,it didn't seem ok.
I'm one of those people who want to know the truth and only the truth as i'm not flippant about love ,sex and everything in between ! According to me he owes her the truth ! That's the least he could do !

I've heard and read about this umpteen times.People suddenly turn coward and chicken out while leaving a long serious relationship ! The most common bull shit they say is - i don't want to hurt him/her more.

Hurt ? You have already hurt him/her ,buddy !

I wish more people demanded the truth. People don't realize closure comes fast and a lot easier when you know why you were dumped. When you think about it,... sometimes maybe.....its really them not you who is the problem !

The more silent and ambiguous way the person leaves the more hurtful and  personality changing the experience it is. More often then not, people stop believing in love though they might or not say it . Maybe a short term relationship doesn't warrant explanations but the long drawn out definitely do !

I really think that there should be a class offered somewhere on how to breakup in an honorable fair way ! Like all good things, this quality springs out of a solid character but so few have one !

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