Thursday, 24 July 2014


Even though I am 35 and kiddies call me aunty,I am not aunty like in my thinking.At least that's what I feel though others may differ on that.
I have always serious,studious kind,usually did what I was told by parents and really didn't have a life while growing up.
So,now when some one calls me Aunty I don't feel like one.
In India, everyone is an auty and uncle.And usually people just see the body,grey hair or not to call some one aunty.
However there are some specifics and behaviour patterns which means one is an aunty,no matte the age.

  1. You start mothering everyone 's children and not just your actual nieces and nephews.
  2. You start giving advice,in fact you itch and ache to give advice.
  3. You have an strong opinion on everything and no amount of facts make you change your thoughts.
  4. You automatically know how children should be raised without raising any .This is different than having mere opinions on how children are brought up these days.
  5. You discuss food recipes and eating healthy. Young people are not into health though they might starve to become thin.
  6. You skin is drying and hair thinning,...first sign of advancing age.
  7. Followed by aches and pains in joints,mood sswings.

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