Monday, 10 February 2014

OMG ........,Wtf?

Have you  ever seen blotches ,mash of colour ,dull rough cloth tiny bobbers under arm area of your favourite cotton Kurtas or even shirt? At first,I thought they were sweat stains,....but then again I don't even sweat so much.
I read up on Google  and it turns out your favourite anti perspirant is damaging your clothing.It doesn't wash out with detergents,the textile around the underarm area blotches,get discoloured.
I have spoiled many Kurtas....and I didn't even realise.
It seems if you want to continue using deodorant and antiperspirants then this cannot be prevented.The only option it seems is to apply aerosols and if applying roll one, needs to wait till it dries completely.
Gosh, important thing like deodorant is messing up my clothes.
Aerosols too may not completely prevent this damage.

Update: It seems roll one which are  just deodorants and Not antiperspirants as well do not spoil the fabric.So ,I have been using only Fa does  and not antiperspirants which seems to not cause this problem.


  1. Oh i never knew that too..Great piece of info..

  2. Yeah....I realized that too! Thankfully didn't stain any of my clothes.
    They say it has to be aluminium free to avoid the staining part!!


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