Saturday, 16 August 2014

make up removers ,..….anyone ??

I don't understand hue and cry about removing makeup,especially this day and age when foundation and  base double up as rich lotions,sunscreen and are light porous,fluid !
Now pan cake is completely different - the kind used for media,television and is thick enough to coat a spoon and its main job is to create a  blank canvas.
But most ladies who buy  drugstore make up these days are not buying  pancake type makeup.
Recently I have seen a slew of makeup removing  products running in hundreds of rupees.
They are mild sure ! But does an average woman in India need them.
Quite by accident, I applied  a pink coloured Ayur lotion - herbal moisturiser.
I hadn't applied a lot of make up and just wanted to clean my face quickly,splash water and go to sleep.But I had applied waterproof eyeliner!
As I wiped my face ,I was surprised that all make up came out in one single go.
Ayur moisturiser has paraffin liquidum I.e mineral oil.
I suspect all moisturiser  can work as makeup removers and since then I have also tried to use Boroplus lotion.
That one to works fine.
I follow up to wash face only if required.
Waterproof makeup comes out in a jiffy.

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