Monday, 8 September 2014

Syndet bars

There is a lot of crap floating around as information !That too zealously !
There are advocates who can't differentiate between good chemicals,better and worst ones !
Like SLES ,Syndet bars seem to be getting a bad rap !
Why have I switched to bodywashes and Syndet soaps ?
Simple,they are mildest !Syndet bars like Dove , Olay and Fiama gel bars ,...yes in that order are mildest,can be used on face  and in climate like ours in India doesn't requires moisturising every time !
I am one of those people who don't moisturise regularly !
I forget sometimes,mostly I am in hurry or because I don't feel the need !
As I grow older,saponified soaps which are amply available in India don't hold my interest and the handmade, so called mild just burns and makes my skin stretchy !
I love soaps  and bodywashes like Dove and Olay is what I put my money because while travelling I need to carry only 1 bottle !
I preserve small 100 ml bottles after cleaning them and sterilising them in boiling water !
These I use to carry body wash and lotion !
But bar soaps of Olay and Dove are my go to!
I have stopped buying facewashes I just use Syndet bars or body wash on my face !
In that way ,I am back to square one- one product from top to toe !
And yes I have washed my hair with Syndet bars and applied conditioner like dove or tressemme and my hair is quite good like any shampoo !
I no longer DIY especially when it comes to cleaning products for body and hair !
Life was never simpler or better !

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