Monday, 10 December 2007

Mix for a Thought!

New year in on its way- just like previous 'new years'. The most famous way is to party , get drunk and usher in the New Year.

I'm pretty boring and am not partying kind. My family usually has get togethers with friends.Unofficially i gained the reputation of 'cocktail mixer'.
I don't drink but being a microbiology student i've always been interested in 'fermentation'. Idli batter,bean curd, wines,whiskey- you name it.I've undying curiosity to know as much about the various techniques and how it majorly affects the 'taste'.

Serendipity called in and few New years ago,I mixed my first martini.

Here is the recipe,

Kiwi crush
Vodka (about 20 ml)
Salt a pinch
Whole berries[any berry of the sweet kind you can find- i used strawberry)

In a huge glass dump 4-5 berries .crush them well,add vodka, about a tbsp of kiwi crush ,lots of ice,salt.Cover it with another tall glass .Give it a good shake for 5 mins [since you and me are not professional bartenders- we do need to shake it for 5 mins. You can add lemon juice if you like.

Strain and Serve it in a martini glass and test it on your favorite scapegoat !

Now, yours truly experimented with 3 recipes on that New year to serve eager uncles,aunties- their sons and daughters.I've since recommended mixes for my colleagues at couple of office parties.Most of the time i got pleased look on their faces. I'm still not sure whether it was the alcohol or they truly admired my recipes ! :-))

I keep trying various cocktails and mocktails with regular fruits ,squashes and crushes with water and soda.As usual, like anything else, some are hits while others are plain grotesque !

Perhaps, now that Supreme Court has allowed 'women' bartenders ,I can think about applying for the job ! :-D

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  1. I like this one!! Funny observations of a sober person on the not-so-sober!!


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