Saturday, 8 December 2007

Tickled pink !

Oh gosh ! This is easily one of my favourite things ! Right from the time I was a shy teenager, I've always known there were some things more than the others which gave colour to my cheeks,brought on my wide blinding smile [yep,that's what i think of my smile] and brought a warm rush of feelings and made me cosy and feel that all's right with the world.

I'm going to share a few here which have stood the test of General Time.

  1. Ooh, Chocolate.chocolate cake,chocolates,dark and bitter.chocolates in any form,shape,flavours.
  2. Hmm, the second is 'Gone With The Wind'. I've seen the movie only once and have the read the book too. However, its the character of Scarlett O'hara which makes me feel strong and harbour a faith that one day i can be a good bitch and be someone who can fight through anything and survive.....Ah well ! Its also the wonderful character of Rhett Butler. I've yet to see a full grown man actually behave like a Man ! I've been mooning over the character of Rhett Butler like a star crossed teenager ever since i can remember.
  3. Well cooked prawns ! Hmm,..if prawns are overcooked they become rubber like .So,like all good things ,they have to be cooked just right.
  4. Kindness. Its a real turn on for me.Especially spontaneous kindness to people when they least expect it.
  5. People who can laugh at themselves ,knowing they have goofed up real bad and have probably incurred a loss because of it.
  6. Another thing which makes me feel like a warm blooded animal- when someone succeeds after many failures,goof ups and hard times.
  7. When my mom cooks something and says ,'zahra, I made this for you '
  8. It gives me hope when a toddler asserts and says no to his mother,We need more independence in Indian children,instead of checking how they fared compared to Hari, Ram and Lily.
  9. When a baby giggles. I like people who giggle .I know most adults don't giggle because bosses,colleagues,husbands,wives find it most suspicious.
  10. I feel especially good when i visit green mountainous regions,the more rough the better and beaches. I can do major timepass alone by just sitting/walking at the beach.
Actually, this is an incomplete list.There must be more instances than i've mentioned .However, i don't recall all of them .I think it maybe a kind of hormonal rush- probably oxytocin.

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  1. This one I really like!! Poignant...and you can't go wrong with chocolate!


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