Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Do you waste food?

Do you consider  hip to not complete food on your plate?Do you throw away vegetables and fruits from your fridge without pangs?Do you pile your plates in weddings and then throw away half eaten cake or kulfi,or Gulab jamun?

Did your parents forget to teach you not to waste food and water?
Or have you forgotten your parents  teachings to appear cool in your posh and hip crowd of friends??
I belong to Dawoodi bohra community which loves food,feeding people and then getting together to eat.
But one thing which other people from other religion and communities do not know is ;We consider wasting food criminal.We teach children to eat with their hands and finish the food in their plates.We have a custom of sitting in a thal and volunteers serve food to us....we are obliged to only take that much in the thal that its 8 members can finish.
Nowadays many people in their ego sometimes do not finish the last morsel in the that but thankfully others implore,suggest and ask each other to finish so that not a single grain on the thal ,dal or curry goes waste
Personally I store vegetables in containers,buy only for week and don't buy if I know I won't be cooking.I process vegetables when I buy I.e pick palak,methi leaves ,dry them on the newspaper and then put it in dry plastic containers. My curry leaves stays green in plastic containers for 2 weeks.
I use vegetables depending on requirement and how soon they can go bad.
I make one pot meals and pulaos...I.e make only that is required. I store leftovers properly and finish them immediately the next day.
I don't let leftovers sit more than 3 days in the fridge.
I store extra rice or chapaties in air tight containers so they remain fresh.

In my house,everyone eats leftovers not just women.

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  1. That's such a nice thought..Well said..People especially i think girls think if they do not leave last morsel they will be criticized by their frens for eating more..this Post is so helpful and inspiring..


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