Sunday, 19 January 2014

all in one products

Earlier 2in 1 shampoo and conditioner were very common and popular especially people who came from foreign lands.Then suddenly India became a favoured market and we were taught face,body and hair requires different products.Now a person has a face wash,a body wash and a shampoo and conditioner...and in some households its for 1 person.
For men,shampoo and body wash in one is still available but there is not a single all in one product for women.
I am now tired with multiple bottles in bathroom and shelves.I have decided to stop using  bar soaps and face wash tube will be only in my handbag for travel.Body washes are now available in big I search now for face and body wash in one and will spend on formulations which work as both.
I really am waiting for shampoo,body wash in one since conditioners are best applied after shampooing.
By the way ,I am already using body wash as face wash and am not worse for it.
Just think,an all in one product will reduce expenditure and travel issues-one bottle will serve as body wash,shampoo,face wash and hand wash.

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