Thursday, 2 January 2014

all drugstore shampoos are good..

Yep, manufacturers use standard products these days and whether drugstore/high end the ingredients used are same.So no brand can really jusify high prices for haircare products.
Don't spend a tonne for fragrance and irritating plant oils and packaging .You can spend that money on a great anti aging formulation for your face and body.
Fragrance free or mildly fragrant products applies for your hair too.

Choose a shampoo for your hair  type and you'll get same results across all established brands. While choosing products,remember....HAIR IS DEAD...DEAD...that's why it can be chopped off.Hair cannot be repaired...why because it is dead!All the conditioners and oils in the world cannot repair it ..they only make it look good till the next shampoo.
Don't listen to claims that marketeers highlight while making ads..check and compare the ingredient list and in most cases the chemicals are same...only the order is changed a bit.
Like I have used and changed so many shampoos over the years...and the reason a shampoo didn't work for me was because it was not for my hair type.

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