Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I have read so many times how SLS and /or sles is bad.I am just tired of the drivel.The problem with rumours is it is spread by people who have just heard from someone else....that means no individual thinking goes into it !.
There was a time when they were no ingredient lists at all on the bottles.
Now that we have full disclosures on most branded bottles...new age unfounded marketing drivel has become truth.
I am OK with people who want to go completely natural and use handmade soaps for everything and oils for moisturization.
That's probably how much you can go 'natural' and still be clean without irritating the skin and hair too much.
There are  dishonest companies promoting 'complete natural' and those are the ones which have abundant sles /SLS.
For those who don't know ,
Sles- sodium lauryl ether sulphate is Completely different than SLS - sodium lauryl sulphate.
In your shampoos these are cleaning agents- surfactants.They foam,and clean your hair.
SLS is an irritant but not carcinogenic. Sless is gentle and if at all choose products with Sles than SLS.

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