Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Coconut oil

We Indians love coconut oil.And with good reasons too.Coconut oil is great for 2 main reasons:original virgin oil is very mildly fragrant and it contains lauric acid rather  coconut oil is triglyceride of lauric acid (fatty acid)
Lauric acid is naturally antibacterial. That means you can moisturise your skin with coconut oil on daily basis.
Coconut oil is the only oil at present that can enter hair shaft therefore can improve the feel of your hair along with scalp moisturization.It prevents protein loss from hair.
Its available everywhere and is cheap and can be eaten too.What else do you need -a multitasker.
I use it mixed with a plain basic lotion,or cetaphil lotion post shampoo on the sacalp. I mix it with plain lotion for application on skin.

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