Sunday, 22 May 2011

People !

I wish that i had experienced differently. However, i've noticed and experienced repeatedly how poor or low income people are more deceitful,rude, liars,cheaters bigtime and ungrateful.I'm talking about drivers, the mochi,the vegetable vendors,rickshaw wallahs.maids and other domestic help,security guards etc

They have grandiose images of themselves, they want money for no work if that could be possible, they don't work with responsibility or any accountability.They are the ones who perpetuate the baksheesh culture. The majority of maids and drivers don't inform if they are not going to turn up.In practically every city autos and rickshaws are supported by their unions and actually encourage rude,goonda type behavior.

I have a small incident to narrate. I gave my nearly new kolhapuri chappals to a mochi to paste up the soles. He keeps it for 24 hrs and gives it to me the next day.Now this is the person whom i frequently go for repairs.He did shoddy work of pasting the come on how wrong one can go with glue ?
 The soles came off and i couldn't wear them even once.I went back to him.Now the real drama begins.
He told me to keep it and that he'll do it later trustingly i kept it with him. Now he knows i stay in opposite building to where he sits with his illegal occupancy of the footpath.I go back the next day and he says its not done and asks me to come after 2-3 hours. I go after 3 hours and he tells me he forgot to do it and then he asks me to come the next day. Irritated , i go to pick up my slippers the next day while i'm running an errand. Now this is my 4th visit. It is his closing time. I request him to remove from his packed stuff and give me since i've already come.He becomes rude and starts shouting.and then amidst heated argument he says:  pehlo toh doosri baar leke aaye aur main karke dey raha hoon toh bhi problem hai.....'then he started talking all random stuff.I argued with him about all the chakkars he made me do.

Now this was his way of punishing me ,he didn't remove and give me the chappals because he knew he'll not be paid again .For the shoddy work he already had taken 20 rupees from me.Of course it goes without saying that I'll not go to him again nor send anyone to him.

I find its become increasingly difficult to get any work done properly  from people even after paying them their quoted price in India. 

Maids and servants are treated well in most places but I've noticed the more one is lenient with them the more they take you for granted and take you for a ride. They have no value for stuff that you give them because for them its just second hand ! And once you get into habit of getting everything free of cost there is no value to it.
My father has been fleeced of money twice by the shop boys in the name of illnesses, weddings etc because my dad is trusting.
I have heard numerous stories in the business how shop boys steal and make money by selling the merchandise in the owners absence. Its so rampant that owners ignore little thefts and try to appease the workers because its even more harder and time consuming to train a new one !

When i hear real life incidents of maids and servants ill treated i feel like laughing nowadays those incidents are much lesser than the theft,burglary and murders by servants and other help. Poor people are to be pitied ? No way ! Its the middle class who has nowhere to go !

Carpenters,plumbers and electrician are nowhere to be found easily. One has to waste money and bear with whatever they do. Their work ethic is such that they'll not even go that extra mile to do good work. They are extra rude with ladies or they go out of their way to fleece women because women don't understand all this stuff.
Result: The repairs have to be done again and again.

I wonder when these workers will become professional if not honest.Everyone knows one could be a horrible human being so long he is good at his work and is professional.Going that extra mile is mandatory only in private white collar jobs ?

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