Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Random Aunty: So what are you doing these days?
Me: Nothing much ! Running the house ?
Random Aunty: So what happened to the job?
Me:[smiling.. i always try to grin and bear because random aunties can turn nasty overnight and spread unimaginable rumours about one ] - Still searching for one !
Random Aunty: Oh ok So why not go to the gym ? You need to be fit [implied: lose weight]
Me: Wow ...that's a great idea it never occurred to me !
Random Aunty : You are still not married so you need to be fit !
Me: I was fit once ,aunty 4-5 and younger...didn't get married ! So how it'll help now...especially all the boys in my age bracket  i see these days are balding,paunchier and inflexible themselves.
Random Aunty:[rolled her eyes- everyone seems to be rolling eyes these days !]
 Oh let it be. They are guys.. goes. They might be horrible looking but they want fit girls !
Me:[by now i was feeling like a filly -ready to be bred] They don't need to be fit ?
Random Aunty: [again rolling her eyes]: its like this only !
Me: Ok aunty... u know i do go for walks and do a lot of work and eat less sugar .................

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  1. Give me more!! It ended just when it was getting interesting. More, more, more, more....!


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