Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I thought i am beyond crushes. The age when crushes hit has long gone and i'm into the alleys of aggressive virtual and real networking for arranged marriage from quite some time.

My cynical ,grim barrier broke when i first laid my eyes on him. I couldn't believe my lazy  heart and even lazier nervous system could quickly jump, somersault and thud in the same breath.
I've had only 1 crush in my OLD life which stopped at crush and only I crush which ran amuck and metamorphosed into real love.
Yep, i'm talking about that cocaine like, ignoring sirens and jumping over the fences kind of love. However, the cocaine i think ran out and the 'real ' love turned into a 'real' life !

Anyway, I was talking about the crush . My crush is none other than Hugh Jackman and the precise moment  my eyes glued onto him is when i saw him in Australia.
Yeah, the famous possibly photoshopped, manipulated bathing scene !

By the way, Its a huge pity that English movie channels on TV have been censored ! Where is the fun of watching a Woody Allen or risqué without those wonderful kissing scenes which i think for the record Indian movies do it so very badly !

And why are we kissing on the screens anyway ? Mom and dad take chotu, monu sonu to watch movies in multiplexes !

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