Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The things i obsess about are.......

......either too expensive, difficult,nonsensical,beyond my control,and sometimes too mundane.

Extra virgin olive oil: Few people know that i love everything to do with pastas,pizzas,meditarranean food ,italian cuisine and mexican food.I think i cook and conjure more indie- italian ,indie-pastas than anyone i know amongst my middleclass strata[both DB and otherwise].i think i was italian/french/spaniard in my previous janam. Now, extra virgin olive oil on my pastas and pizza and salads i love..but i don't love its PRICE.

I hate the fact that aisles of every great and not so great supermarket is lined up with bottles of olive oil sold at horrendous prices.And the fact is on those supermarkets we poor indians don't even see the really good quality olive oils.
To come to think of it - its like the premium alphonso from Ratnagiri/raigad or any of those mango growing belts which one NEVER gets to see in the local markets!

Back to EVOO- I recently saved up to buy it after hunting for a good price for good quantity -obsessively!

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