Wednesday, 25 May 2011

what we talk about...

Me and X when we talk - we really talk ! Here is the sample of one of our conversations.

X:- What made him go away ?
Me:[shrugging] Just reminded him whether he had a mother and sister at home ! And the fact that i walked away really fast !

X:[rolled her eyes- well if you knew her- she's always rolling eyes at me or sighing aloud]  You are watching too many serials and 60's movies ! You know that statement is outdated . You need some gaalis !
Me: Yeah maybe you are right !
X: What is your range of gaalis and status of your fighting spirit?
Me:Well, let me see,....'you donkey,monkey ,bastard ,kutte ,kaminey ....
X: Yeah.... you give them in hindi, right? You need some more gaalis in hindi and  marathi.
Me: like what ?.......kulta,karamjali,...?
X: [sighs] You are still stuck in 60's ! And those are special ones from saas to bahus ! No use on men !
Me: You know .... i don't really use F*** word !
X: F*** word on men just slides off . Instead of forgetting and refraining to molest i think it just reminds them of u know- your sex !
Me: Oh may be then that's why there is no less of eve teasing, groping ..girls are using more and more of F*** word.
X: [tilts her head towards left and thinks]...fine  it makes sense .I 'll stop using it now !
Me:[i get a brainwave. I frequently get brainwaves when i talk to people ] What about Love- love is another four letter word any way ! Just tell the guy I love you to freak him out and he'll  run light years away from you !

X:[her eyes shine] wow ! Brilliant! It'll work  ALL the time. Add a moony expression and jaw dropping possessiveness and follow him everywhere like a puppy. Wow. great way to get rid of all unwanted attention ! Me - will definitely try.

Me: Good luck !


I'll let you know when X pulls out all her guns, right now at the office  moony and puppy eyes are all she needs to ward off Office  and  out of office romeos !

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